Playing Forex Game

Playing Forex Game image Life is a game and it`s so funny game if you have too much money. You are just selling gold and buying silver then you are getting richer, just like a simple game for kids. Wait a minute if its not your life style, so read it. all other articles about What is Forex.

First Rule of Forex Game

Making money on forex trading is all about learning game rules, you can think that if money is around that means this is not game. But think about it, this is a game of rich people. Rich people always looking for different playing area in their life, they play with expensive cars, they fly with special plane, they play with teenager girls, they play with dangerous activities, they can go too far countries just for fun. They always looking for different game areas.

At this point we think forex is a game of rich big boys. They want more money, they always want. Like any other game, you can join the game and you can take competition. If you know how to play the game you can take all the money. Easy than stock exchange market, better than working hard with your own power effort. Just use your brain, try to learn how to predict when world goes down. Rich people never know because they living in paradise, they think world always will be good. You just Look for poor cuntries, and look how they can change world economy, you can predict the future.

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Easy Game

As a beginner of forex player, it is important to find a forex strategy which is proper for your goals. Before start forex tradings you should learn basic rules for this forex game. However it`s a kind of game, if you have just started to forex tradings you don`t want to be get involved in complicated strategies. In the beginning it would looks so complicated. First of all, let’s start with one of the most effective easy strategy : daily or weekly trend. It is really simple strategy and it is all about following the Daily or weekly trends. You just have to find a trend which seems supported and start trading. Start with as beginner forex demo account features you must read this important rules, learn which forex copmany can give your needs and learn how they can take your money mistakenly and look for our detailed page of free forex demo account provider companies.

Hard Game

The second effective game strategy is carrying trade. It stands for buying and holding a currency which gives good interest against to currency with low interest. And you will get paid on the difference between those two currencies. It is really useful strategy and there are really big positive sides in this simple strategy. For example, if your money doesn’t moves, it doesn’t mean that you lose, it stays in your account. Besides you will make money from your trade size because generally the traders are leveraged. Finally, the most effective strategy in Forex is having a plan for exiting from the market, it will be played in long time. You have to know your limit before things turn against to you. Remember that forex is about taking risk and the timing is the most important strategy. Never risk more than your budget then you can lose this forex game.

Play simplest Forex Game

If you want to try forex game with online free game page: our forex game is here:its Free and you don`t need to install anything in your computer. Open that page and play.

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Playing Forex Game

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