What is Forex

Forex trading is what: its all about earning easy money. maybe you gone to money exchange office, for example: you need to change money if you want to go to holiday to foreign country then you bought foreign money with your own money. Exchange rates changes day to day. Sometime your money can get higher to other countries` money. sometimes your money can get lower. What`s Forex is about this high-and-low money exchange system. You can earn money with this technique. Whats will you buy is other countries` money when they get lower, sell other countries money when they get higher. " So what is forex means sellig and buying foreign money ". If you want to buy money faster you need to find a company experienced on forex.

What is Forex Scalping

What is Forex ScalpingForex scalping means quick trading. main purpose of Scalpinmg is making small profits while taking small risk. You need to make quick Open-and-Close order to make forex scalping. : What is Forex Scalping

What is Forex Broker?

What is Forex Broker?Forex Broker means a company which supervises and advises investors about conversion rates and terms in Forex market. : What is Forex Broker?

What is Forex Trading

Forex is just like playing games, but you are playing with money. You can play forex for any country in The World. Because World currencies don`t have a fixed exchange rate and doesn`t depends on time of the day. Money currencies always fluctating depending on communication and political interaction. For example : if the war begans on Iraq Oil prices goes higher (you know whats happens in Eastern always). Forex is possible on other resources like oil, golden, silver, Platinum, palladium, Copper and other precise metals. What forex game is depends on how much you want to earn, what forex is the richest people do. rich people always plays with money.

What is Forex Lot

What is Forex LotAs a beginner forex trader, it is important to understand forex lot term clearly. It has great importance on your forex success. : What is Forex Lot

What is Forex exchange rate ?

What is Forex exchange rate ?Forex exchange rate means conversion rate of one currency to other currency rate. : What is Forex exchange rate ?

What is Risk of Forex

Forex Risk ManagementForex risk management stands for various ideas to control your forex trade risk-stress. These ideas can be limiting your trades or trade hours and days. : Forex Risk Management

So Whats Forex is

If you want to get rich fast and easy, learn forex terms and learn how to win against rich lazy boys. You can if you learn every aspects of foreks. Its not about reading future, its about reading rich peoples` mind. Make what they can not guess.